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July 07, 2004

I'm an opera goer - I must be thick

A small extract from a conversation between a modern opera director and his assistants, overheard recently before a performance of Verdi's Otello:

'Look guys, we've got 2500 people in the audience. The thing you must remember is that they are all devoid of any intelligence and must be spoon-fed throughout the performance. So, we're putting on Otello. You can't expect these thickies to realise that bad things are afoot just because the libretto and the score make that clear - no, we must have Iago wandering around with a skull in his hands the entire time. Skull - death, you get it? God, I'm so clever it hurts.

'Of course, at no point must we let the audience alone with a singer. It won't do. They'll fall asleep, bless their tiny philistine brains. So while Desdemona sings her Ave Maria in Act IV, we must have Iago stalking menacingly around her bedroom. What do you mean: it makes no sense? What do you mean: it's an unnecessary distraction from the music? Listen, mateys, I've got 2500 people to impress. I'm not having them think that just because some of the most sublime music in the canon is being played, I haven't got something clever to show them. This opera is about me, don't forget, I'm not having that pesky Verdi get in the way.'

And so on, and so on. More of this transcript may follow...


Blogger Hugo McKinnon said...

He's a faggot. I hope to performance was really horrible. Good directors go with music etc..

22 February 2006 at 07:47  

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