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July 02, 2004

A smack in the face of liberty?

On Monday, Parliament will see a vote on whether to ban the smacking of children.

For someone who claims to be a libertarian (albeit a sceptical one), there should be no debate here. Banning things is almost always a bad idea.

Yet, why do I feel strangely drawn to this measure? True, I feel strongly that smacking children is a bad idea, but can I really build a case for introducing a ban?

I think I can. Complex legislation, legislation with ifs, buts, get-outs and loopholes, is distasteful. But this is what the existing legislation already is. Causing bodily harm to others is against the law, except in the case of children, for whom our Victorian forebears introduced the 'reasonable chastisement' exemption. The law should be simplified by removing this exemption. Less law - safer children. There - I've squared the circle.

So strike a blow for liberty - ban smacking.


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