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July 21, 2004

UKIP delivers the goods

It's almost disappointing when a much-predicted event happens on cue.

But there is still much pleasure in seeing UKIP proving to be as foolish as many had thought.

As I'm on the subject, I'm surprised not to have read anything about UKIP's housing policy. I'd be interested to know how they plan to house the countless thousands, if not millions, of Brits (including me) currently enjoying the good life on the continent who would have to return to the UK if it left the EU. Any ideas?


Blogger Nick said...

Oliver Letwin's fantasy island on which he'd keep all the asylum seekers? After all, none would be able to come to Ukitopia, so it'd be free.

Of course, given that Ukip's policy appears to be that they want the UK to have all the benefits of EU membership without actually being members, then they no doubt assume that all those UK citizens living in the EU will be allowed to remain there. Either that, or they're all traitors to their country for daring to live abroad and they'll all be shot on return...

22 July 2004 at 00:02  
Blogger Miguel said...

Starting with Joan Collins, one presumes...

22 July 2004 at 00:15  

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